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Guided Grizzly Hunt

We offer both spring and fall grizzly hunts. May marks the beginning of mating season for Bears, and this is an excellent time of year to hunt Grizzlies. Boars will be out cruising for sows and can be found walking river bottoms or ridge lines at any time during the day or night. 24 hour daylight this time of year guarantees a unique hunting experience!

This hunt is in the Brooks Range, well north of the Arctic Circle, where the harsh winter climate makes these bears well known for their superior hide quality. An Arctic Grizzly harvested in the Spring season has thick, long fur that is incomparable with bears in any other climate.

In the fall grizzlies are often found high on the alpine ridges, gorging on the last bits of berries from the summer, and this hunt can be easily combined with a Caribou hunt.

A float hunt is also a great option this time of year, as our area contains creeks with salmon runs (rare for interior Alaska), which brings bears to the water’s edge, and also helps to grow large grizzlies.

Camps are flown in using our company owned light aircraft on tundra tires or floats, and are located on high ridges or in locations with good vantage points, and hunting styles include backpacking, and stationary spot and stalk.

Hunt Details
Dates:May 1 - 10
May 11 - 20
May 22 - 31
August 10 - 16
August 17 - 23
August 24 - 30
Duration:10 Days
Location:Brooks Range

Hunt Highlights

  • Excellent hide quality
  • Various color phases
  • 6.5-8.5 ft range
  • 90% success rate

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