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Brooks Range Hunting Lodge

The Brooks Range offers exceptional hunting within a very remote area with little or no resident hunting pressure. Our hunting lodge is located on Chandalar Lake. Hunters will start and end their hunt at the lodge. This is the perfect amenity to a rugged Alaskan wilderness hunt. Hot meals and comfortable quarters are provided to each guest. You can also store personal items that are not needed while out on the hunt.

Our Brooks Range hunting lodge is truly a remarkable perk that sets up apart from other hunting outfitters. Not to mention the vast Brooks Range wilderness we have the privilege to hunt.

No matter your preferred hunting style we can accommodate – give us a call at 907-888-6348 for more information and to start planning your next great hunting adventure!

Our Location

The perfect spot for a unparalleled Alaskan hunting adventure. Our lodge is nestled within the mighty Brooks Range on the shores of the majestic Chandalar Lake.

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