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Our Alaska Hunts

Our Brooks Range hunts combine wilderness exploration, breathtaking scenery, and game diversity into an experience that is sure to impress even the most seasoned hunters. These hunts are conducted well north of the Arctic Circle, in the eastern portion of the Brooks Range, where we consistently find trophy Moose, Sheep, Caribou and Grizzly Bears.

We hunt this area both in the spring and the fall, and multi species fall hunts are available. Ready for a premier Alaskan hunting adventure? View all our hunts and call us at 907-888-6348 to reserve your spot.

Alaska Dall Sheep Hunts in the Brooks Range

Dall Sheep Hunts

Hunt for the majestic Dall Sheep in the rugged southern slopes of the Brooks Range. The pinnacle Alaskan backcountry trophy hunt.
Dates:August 10 - 19
August 21 - 30
Duration:10 Days
Location:Brooks Range
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Tyrrells Trails Moose Hunts

Moose Hunts

The perfect Alaskan big game hunt. Moose reach full rut during this hunt and calling is very effective. Archery hunters are welcome!
Dates:September 5 - 14
September 16 - 25
Duration:10 Days
Location:Brooks Range
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Alaska Grizzly Hunts in the Brooks Range

Grizzly Hunts

Step into true Alaskan wilderness well north of the Arctic Circle on an epic grizzly hunt. This will be a trip of a life time that you won't forget!
Dates:May 11 - 20
May 22 - 31
August 10 - 16
August 17 - 23
August 24 - 30
Duration:10 Days Spring
7 Days Fall
Location:Brooks Range
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Alaska Caribou Hunts in the Brooks Range

Caribou Hunts

Our exclusive Caribou hunt will get you up close to all the action. Watch the herd move from valley to valley on this remarkable hunt.
Dates:August 18 - September 30
Duration:5 Days
Location:Brooks Range
Cost:1x1: $14,500
2x1: $22,000
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