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Caribou Hunt, 2021

I hunted Caribou with Tyrrells in September 2021. On the first day of my hunt, I shot this bull. In my life I have hunted several times in remote camps in Alaska, British Columbia and the Yukon. Tyrrells have great equipment and a large awesome staff. I have had Caribou tag soup on 3 other hunts, but that all changed on my first day with my guide Jason.

All of the guides and staff are super help full. Luke has the best remote camp I have ever seen. He is not like a lot of outfitters that drop you off and then you never hear or see them until they pick you up after the hunt is over. It is remote hunting north of the Article circle, if you do your part and get in shape and take good gear Tyrrells will give you a great hunt. If you want a hunt of a lifetime, hunt with the Tyrrells.

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