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Tyrell’s Trails was referred to us by a mutual friend and what a reference! After landing at Lake Chandalar, later that afternoon we were in the field near the caribou. We had 6 archery tags to fill and we quickly filled one on our first legal day of hunting. We then asked to be moved and once again Luke had the next spot already scoped out. We managed to fill three tags over the next two days leaving two tags to go. It took us the rest of the trip to fill the remaining tags but when it was time to head back to the lodge, all the tags were filled. Every time we went out, we had stalking and shot opportunities.

As for hospitality, it was great. When we arrived they had sliced cheese, moose backstrap, caribou back strap and a variety of crackers. Both dinner and breakfast was available for those holding up on the main lodge area. Other facilities include a salting station, a butcher’s table with supplied vacuum sealer and a couple of freezers. If that isn’t enough, they also supply airline approved travel boxes for your meat! For overnight accommodation, there are multiple heated canvas wall tents with cots and pillows along with lanterns.

Flying times are generally in the late afternoon when the winds are at a minimum and the air is smooth. Luke is a fantastic pilot and very personable as is Wesley. Rick and Laurel (Luke and Wesley’s parent) provide great support (Laurel is a fantastic cook) and are also fantastic people. The crew is top notch and very helpful and respectful as well.

Speaking for myself, a first time caribou archery hunter, this hunt checked all the boxes and sets the benchmark for all future adventures.

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