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Big Game Alaska Moose Hunts

While investigating every outfitter that I could possibly come into contact with and trust me I met what feels like every possible one. I got a good feeling after I met with Tyrrell’s trails, I booked a hunt almost instantly and began planning for the two year future endeavor. As time got closer friends kept telling me that it was going to be the hunt of a lifetime and now looking back after, hunt of a lifetime doesn’t even explain the success of this outfitter and moose had.

I had been on a few lesser hunts in years past and had experienced lesser quality guides. This time however was all I could expect and more. Luke and Wes did everything in their power to make my hunt successful, in every way. Wes is (I believe) a five star camp chef, and Luke knows how to make you feel at home. Having an experience outside of my comfort zone but feeling like I was supposed to be there made the hunt and trip, harvesting a record class animal was just the icing on the cake.

I would feel comfortable sending anyone I know on a hunt with Tyrrell’s Trails due to their adaptability to make anything possible (within reason).

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